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Orion develops Governance solutions
based on systems platforms
for data treatment

Orion develops Governance solutions
based on systems platforms
for data treatment

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banking and financial

Robust system platform, totally configurable for automation of reconciliation procecesse

We have developed a complete configurable System Platform, DASH, to carry out reconciliations between two or more data sources.
Our solution can be used to reconcile data sources of any nature, format and structure. In a simple, standardized and data-driven approach, our goal is to bring speed, accuracy, control and monitoring to the Reconciliation Processes performed daily by the operational areas, thus bringing gains in productivity and efficiency

If you are looking for an efficient Reconciliation Solution with simple implementation, contact us and schedule a DASH demo. We may arrange a POC with a real case of your business.
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More info about Dash

Our approach to develop the platform was based on the fact of the significant increase in complexity and operational volumes that financial institutions, and companies in general, have faced in recent years. The use of several systems suppliers has made IT and systems environments complex, with multiple isolated data sources, low data standardization and no synchronism.
Meanwhile, demands for controls, integrations and reconciliations increased. Execution deadlines were narrowed, generating bottlenecks, concentration of tasks, delays and, consequently, many difficulties in monitoring the execution of operational processes.
Departmental solutions proliferated. Spreadsheets were developed to fulfill the necessary obligations and controls. This decentralized and people-dependent knowledge, have brought even more complexity to the scenario, without adequately addressing issues related to internal controls, operational risks, audits, and governance in general.

Dash Reconciliation Platform fits perfectly on this context, based on six assumptions present on the system:

Replacement of manual processes, spreadsheets and departmental solutions, with a robust and configurable System Platform.

Fully configurable, flexible and oriented to be used by business users - no need of technology knowledge.

Standardized way of creation and configuration of reconciliation processes, in a single repository – “knowledge on the tool.

High processing capacity, agility - reduces time spent on conferencing activities and increased quality of data and information.

Access control with individual logins, access profiles, segregation of functions and audit trail.

Unified process with visibility, transparency and reduction of operational risks.

Main uses
  • • FOBO (Front Office to Back Ofice) – Front Office System (deal capture) vs Legacy System
  • • Legacy system vs
    Clearing House
  • • Legacy system vs
    Management System (MIS
  • • Legacy System vs
    Accounting System (General Ledger)
  • • Legacy vs system vs
    Data Warehouse
  • • Bank statements and Swift statements
  • • Centralized and standardized
  • • Scheduled with several patameters
  • • “Knowledge” maintained and documented in the tool
  • • Productive and efficient
  • • Unique repository with historical executions
  • • Logs and audit trails
  • • Segregation according to profiles and functions
How it works
  • • Individual logins with access profiles
  • • Connectors for multiple data formats
  • • Standardized and flexible
  • • Oriented to business users
  • • Historical record of all process executions
  • • Break management

Interested in a Product presentation? Get in touch by phone + 55 11 3431-3132 or go to our contact page right here on the website

We can carry out a Proof of Concept with real cases. Than your organization can effectively evaluate the benefits of using a platform to carry out the most diverse reconciliations that your company already performs or wishes to perform. Our FAQ section has some additional information, click here.


ETL solution (Extract, Transform and Load) for automation of integrations, transformations and Data standardization

One of the modules of DASH Reconciliation Platform is DASH ETL.
The data extraction, transformation and load functions were designed to obtain and prepare data in a simplified and structured way for the Reconciliation Processes.
Over time, new features were added and the module became a product. With our ETL you can easily connect to different data source formats, whether they are physical files (text, CSV, Excel, XML), database components (Tables, Views, Stored Procedures), DLLs or Services (REST and SOAP). If you are looking for an efficient and simple to implement ETL Solution, contact us and schedule a DASH demo.

Contact by telephone on + 55 11 3431-3132 or here on the contact section.

About more

Our initial approach to the development of the ETL Module was to have a simple and practical connection solution with data sources, in order to prepare the data in an organized and structured way for entry into the Reconciliation Processes. New ideas and requests from customers led us to increase and evolve the ETL module more and more, culminating in the decision to transform it into a product, which can eventually be used independently from the Reconciliation module. The integration between ETL and Reconciliation is native and remains unchanged, even after ETL has become an independent product.
One of the characteristics that differentiates our ETL from the others is its ability to configure accounting rules in the transformation functionality, making it able to be used as an engine for generating accounting entries between the various legacy systems and the corporate accounting system (General Ledger) . Once it is a module of DASH Platform, all development premises are present in DASH ETL.

Accounting Integration
  • • Centralized - accounting maps in a single repository
  • • Independence from vendors - accounting changes are made to the rules maintained in the ETL
  • • Standardized accounting rules
  • • Definition of standard histories
  • • Increases the productivity of registering accounting rules
  • • Documentation of “Accounting Policies”
  • • Individual logins with
    profiles segregation
  • • Connectors for multiple data formats
  • • Standardized and flexible
  • • Business Users oriented
  • • Historical record of all process executions
  • • Preparation of data for reconciliations
How it works
  • • Plataforma web
  • • Escalável – engine de processamento de alta performance
  • • Monitor de processamento


Professionals specializing in financial and banking products for Configuration services of Reconciliation and Accounting Policies.

Our consultants have specialized knowledge in the various product families of the Financial Market and are trained to offer services of requirements gathering, specification, configuration and implementation of Reconciliation Processes for your organization. Our goal is to accelerate the process of implementing DASH Platform, so that the processes can be configured, approved and implemented in Agile approach, using a high degree of quality. If you are looking for a Reconciliation Solution and have doubts on how to plan a deployment project, contact us and we will exchange some ideas and experiences.

Contact us by telephone on + 55 11 3431-3132 or here on the contact section.

More about our Services

Our approach to projects for the implementation of integration and reconciliation processes is based on good project management practices, planned using agile or traditional methods. We seek to organize projects in Sprints, initially focusing on processes that already have their data sources defined and available, therefore speeding up the delivery of processes for user tests and approvals. We believe that good planning and the definition of an architecture of the data sources and their mappings are the great differential to obtain success on implementations.

Are you interested in knowing our products and services in more detail? Let's talk and discuss deployment strategies. You will be amazed at the possibilities and agility that can be applied to projects. Contact us by telephone on + 55 11 3431-3132 or here on the contact section. Our FAQ section has some more information.