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about Orion

Our history

Simple and innovative IT solutions
suitable to your business.

Simple and innovative IT solutions
suitable to your business.


How did we get here

Initially focused on banking automation, Orion has been working over the years in systems development and IT consultancy, capable of offering robust corporate solutons and inovation projecs for the Financial Market.

We are a group of multidisciplinary and highly qualified professionals. The company had outstanding results with customers, due to quality of services, efficiency and goals achievement on its projects. Through simple and innovative solutions, we seek to implement customer initiatives within the best cost-benefit ratio.


We are a company committed to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions focused on automating business processes, promoting data control and management, and reducing our customers' operational risks.


To be a national reference in the offer of solutions for process automation and data processing, contributing to the sustainable growth of Orion's customers, in addition to providing quality of life and professional evolution to our employees.


• Ethical and true relationships between employees, customers and partners
• Promptness and dedication to customer services
• Solutions design focusing innovation and security
• Social, Economic and Environmental responsibility.

Av. Queiroz Filho, 1.700
Torre E - 304
Vila Hamburguesa
São Paulo - SP
CEP 05319-000

+55 11 3431-3132